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To answer her question, I’m more taken with the “vintage” stamps than the clog-dropping owl although he is awfully cute.

The stamps remind me of my first ever trip to the Guggenheim. Calder’s kinetic sculptures (read: mobiles) were a highlight after having studied him at university. I look forward to seeing those Calder mobiles again soon as I’m heading to the National Stationary Show in New York City in May! Talk about a paper freak’s dream come true. Can’t wait to be there and to see all my NY pals again.


The Reef is a great little brunch place on Main Street here in Vancouver. They give you a blank Reef postcard with your bill. Twice during this blog challenge now I have sent their postcard back to them with feedback. Last weekend’s brunch was a bit of a workout so I let them know. 🙂

This is basically my cat. Or former cat. Mazzy. She lives with my parents now. She terrorizes them and the birds in their back yard. She’s happier there than in my small third floor condo. Well, as happy as an ornery cat can be. This one’s for my brother who found the little homeless stinker in the first place.

Yesterday’s postcard was from Blair. I, in turn, sent him an old Pierre Bonnard postcard I’d been holding on to from my pre-dog-owning days when I still thought I was just a cat person.

I’m getting low on my postcard collection which is a good thing indeed. The last of them will be sent in the coming days as this blog winds up. Anything that’s left will be considered dregs and I may have to just toss them in the “round file”. Sometimes you just have to let things go.

My friend Blair, the great connector of people and sharer of ideas, loved the idea of my blog. After hearing all about it, he went home, found a box of old postcards he had been keeping – I’m amused to hear that so many people have such a box of old blank stationery just waiting to be sent – and mailed this Picasso favourite to me. Who doesn’t like Picasso. Makes me want to visit France. Get a load of those blues.

This postcard from A– reminds me of a Flickr friend of mine, Michael Hughes, who has taken this idea and run with it while on vacation. Check out his “souvenirs” set.

She of many postcards sent me this ethereal one of LA. I’ve never been to LA. I have a feeling there would be some pretty incredible people-watching opportunities in that city. Might have to get me there.

Four years ago the family went to Mexico for my brother’s wedding. I bought these but never sent them.

My bro and his wife are longing to escape from cold and snowy northern BC where they live, so I thought this was as good a time as any to post these and remind them that the summer is not far off and another trip to Mexico is within reach.

When we were kids my brother and I each had little pill bottles containing ash from the Mount St. Helens eruption. I probably still have mine somewhere in a box in the basement. Next to the Merlin game and sandwiched between dominos and some old Little Golden Books. I’ll look for it next time I’m home.