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And so starts the month of birthdays! It feels like 50% of my social circle was born in April. Today’s wishes and card are for me bruddah.


It’s a good thing.

I pride myself on being in touch with my English side – and I love food – but when this card arrived recently from my favourite English cousin, I was completely stymied on many of the culinary references. How many of these are you familiar with? No Googling!


I swear, this is as x-rated as the blog posts will ever get:

And below is yet another example of why I’m sure I often don’t receive cards from people or why I sometimes receive my own card designs from friends. It’s flattering:

I am MG. You don’t need to know why.


Today’s letter is for Keri who had a birthday earlier this month. Keri doesn’t celebrate her birthday though, she celebrates her birthmonth so I sent her a birthmonth card which, confound it, I forgot to photograph before I sealed up the envelope so instead, I will show you the birthmonth card she just sent to me.

Let me tell you, in case you’ve never tried, It is freaking impossible to photograph a holographic image.

You can guess what it said though, right?

My birthday cards

It was my birthday last week and these are the cards I received. (There’s one more en route from England. The Diamond Queenie’s Jubilee slowed down its transit due to their Bank Holiday.)

Recognize that one in the top right? Anyone?

Are you surprised? Did you think I would have received more cards given that I design cards, I love letters, and I have a bunch of pen pals and paper-loving graphic designers as friends?

Happy birthday Deb!

This year, in addition to cards from her dinner companions (we went to Primo’s Mexican Cantina at 12th and Granville), Deb also received a card from her 10-year old  niece that was inspired by the Mother’s Day card I featured a few weeks back. It was fantastic and oh, so terribly clever. The kid’s card, that is.

[Side note: Word on the street is that Primo’s Mexican Cantina is closing its doors at the end of this month so please go in and strap on a nosh bag before this 55-year old Vancouver institution is gone forever. Joel and Jensen, the third generation Villanuevas to run this fine establishment, would love to see your smiling face. I know I’ll be back for at least one more belly up to their bar.]

What could be better than fine stationery and a lime martini.

Ancient British Birthday Greetings

These were found in my grandad’s house after he died. They are supposed to be birthday cards but they are really more like birthday “panels”. I am guessing they date around 1930 or 1940.

Puffy rose. From Albert (my great uncle) to John (my grandad)

This one features gold printing and decoration and a hand-painted illustration. Gorgeous detail.

This one is printed in four colours and embossed with low relief. And it’s very rhymey.

Today’s letter is actually one of my numbers-as-letters birthday cards and is for one of my cousins in England. He’s writing an exam on his birthday which kind of bites when you’re turning 15.

I’ve been meaning to tell him about this note-taking technique that I learned at university and that I still use to this day when I take courses that involve closed-book exams. Class notes can be an instant study tool if you have a technique that works well. Here’s how the University of Victoria Library Services folks taught me how to study for tests back in first year.



For added organization, you can date the first page of each set of class notes and then number consecutively all the pages for that one class. Start from page 1 again for the next set of class notes.

Happy birthday Mum!

This year for her birthday I’m sending her one of my free design goodies – a promotional piece letterpressed on Reich Paper‘s unbelievable 100% pure cotton sheet, Savoy. Writing this letter engaged more than the usual senses as I listened to the pen scratch satisfyingly over the surface.

Cottony goodness. Can you see it?

At 118#, this card is snappy, super thick and so unlike paper made from trees. The card went into a matching cotton envelope too. I wish photos had feel-o-vision. All you design nerds would love it. Five dollars says mum doesn’t mention the paper or the letterpressing. But she’ll mention the flowers that will accompany it. 🙂

That's mum on the left back in the homeland. Isn't she cute? My dad would say "Dear little thing." (She's pretty short.)