Ladyhawke receives today’s letter wherein I talk about the hectic course schedule I am taking right now.

I decided to take what are probably the two  most homework-heavy courses in my entire program, and take them simultaneously. But a few power sessions at the computer and the last week off school – March break – helped me get a lot done. As I write this I am studying for a midterm and working on assignments for both classes, but by the time you read this I’ll have finished about half of those assignments and the midterm will be over. I’ll still have the research paper to write and a massive case study on a client/friend to finish. But I love it. This is the challenge I loved when I was at university taking five courses at a time.

Because I jammed it into a tight-fitting envelope before photographing it, you get a photo of a letter that is shoehorned into a stray envelope – one of many in my drawer of paperstuffs.