I joked with my friend Gretchen, who hurt her hand recently, that if she never regained the use of it, she should start using her feet or her mouth. To play squash. To apply colour to her clients’ heads (she works in a salon).

Yes, we were joking around but all jokes aside, I am so blown away when I see what people can accomplish when they have to rearrange their lives to accommodate a physical limitation. I remember seeing a video of a woman with no arms who could put on a bra, drive a car, and do all her grocery shopping by herself. Mind blowing.

And even if you don’t like cats, you have to admit this is a damn fine effort by someone who paints with their mouth instead of their hands. This one is heading Gretchen’s way. It probably dates back to the early 90s back when charities would send these packs of cards out in an effort to receive a donation in return. Do they even do that anymore?