I experimented recently with making some tinctures. A class in my nutrition program, coupled with talk of herbal remedies in other classes since then, added to a trip with Sarah C out to a soap making supply place for some herbs, bottles and other fun stuff yielded these little 15 ml bottles of assorted herbal medicines. Since you need a license to compound such medicine and sell it, I won’t be selling it to anyone but instead trying them out on myself. When I made these I was in the throes of my second nasty cough/cold/laryngitis in as many months, so most of the herbs I processed are for sore throat, coughs and the like. I’m still astonished at the sweet taste of real licorice root. When you live most of your life thinking licorice is a red or black ropey candy you race to the corner store on your banana seat bike to buy, of course it’s bound to shock and amaze.

Anyway, I wrote all about this experiment in a letter to a friend. By the way, if anyone has trouble sleeping, I have a tincture for that too – skullcap!