In working through this year-long blog I’ve been challenged with relinquishing hold of some favourite pieces of stationary that I’ve been hoarding over the years. Divesting myself of possessions, even simple little paper ones like this dog card, has been hard at times. That’s a little embarassing to admit. Honestly, I’m not really even very materialistic. Paper items however are the things of beauty I choose to surround myself with, not expensive clothes or jewelry and not luxury furnishings or a flashy car. Paper is my weakness. There, I said it. Admitting your problem is the first step in the 12-step program to recovering from paper addiction, right?

I had this honeycomb dog card in my drawer of paper for many years and I finally sent it off to my cousin Lucy who turned 13 this year… and who loves dogs. I really should have had someone else take this picture so I could showcase the honeycomb goodness of this very cool card designed by B. Shackman Company based in New York City.


“Stand!” or in our house that would be “Dance!”