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The Reef is a great little brunch place on Main Street here in Vancouver. They give you a blank Reef postcard with your bill. Twice during this blog challenge now I have sent their postcard back to them with feedback. Last weekend’s brunch was a bit of a workout so I let them know. 🙂


You may recall that I’ve linked to some articles on Shaun Usher’s Letters of Note website over the past year. Shaun’s been working on a book version of this online museum of letters and he is putting the finishing touches on it now. Check out the video interview over at Unbound.

As an aside…

Only one week left to go! 🙂

Ladyhawke receives today’s letter wherein I talk about the hectic course schedule I am taking right now.

I decided to take what are probably the two  most homework-heavy courses in my entire program, and take them simultaneously. But a few power sessions at the computer and the last week off school – March break – helped me get a lot done. As I write this I am studying for a midterm and working on assignments for both classes, but by the time you read this I’ll have finished about half of those assignments and the midterm will be over. I’ll still have the research paper to write and a massive case study on a client/friend to finish. But I love it. This is the challenge I loved when I was at university taking five courses at a time.

Because I jammed it into a tight-fitting envelope before photographing it, you get a photo of a letter that is shoehorned into a stray envelope – one of many in my drawer of paperstuffs.

I sent these along with a letter to my penpal Mary who is still going through central Canada’s winter-that-never-ends.

New stamps!

My boyfriend’s parents gave me some money for Christmas last year and his mum had a chuckle over the fact that I intended to spend the money on a pair of new glasses. I’m so practical with my money. But I waited another month or so and by that point I had finished using my one-month pass to the climbing gym and was eager to continue with the sport. So instead I decided to use the money to buy some climbing gear. Bye bye James’ oversized harness and the comfy but well-worn rental shoes. So, today’s letter is one of thanks to Merilyn and Don for supplying me with a full kit of climbing gear so that I can fall for their son over and over again.

The prairies lost artist William Perehudoff recently. Mary had already started writing me the card seen below – illustrated by Perehudoff’s wife, and artist in her own right, Dorothy Knowles – when she found this news clipping. I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned to Mary that I have a degree in art history. This is why I am immensely enjoying her letters and clippings. She is obviously an art lover herself and is so knowledgeable about the amazing artists of the prairies where she has lived her life. I wonder if or when I’ll ever get back to Saskatchewan….


I joked with my friend Gretchen, who hurt her hand recently, that if she never regained the use of it, she should start using her feet or her mouth. To play squash. To apply colour to her clients’ heads (she works in a salon).

Yes, we were joking around but all jokes aside, I am so blown away when I see what people can accomplish when they have to rearrange their lives to accommodate a physical limitation. I remember seeing a video of a woman with no arms who could put on a bra, drive a car, and do all her grocery shopping by herself. Mind blowing.

And even if you don’t like cats, you have to admit this is a damn fine effort by someone who paints with their mouth instead of their hands. This one is heading Gretchen’s way. It probably dates back to the early 90s back when charities would send these packs of cards out in an effort to receive a donation in return. Do they even do that anymore?

This is not the most fun mail in the post box. HST remittance. My income tax owing to Revenue Canada is not far behind either.

The Drawer has come a long way, don’t you think? Here’s what it looked like on Day 92. Keep in mind I use a lot of those #10 envelopes (back left corner) for work purposes so I’m in no hurry to use those up.