Day 300!!! That means only 65 days left to go in this year-long blog project. If only you knew how close I came over the holidays to bailing on this project. You can thank Lisa and James for encouraging me stick with it if only for my own personal sense of accomplishment. Thank you to everyone who gives me news to write about on this blog every day of every month.

Now, where was I…

• • •

Mary Robinette Kowal is at it again. All through February she is taking on the challenge of living offline and writing a letter a day for the second time in as many years, and she encourages you to do the same. Will you take on the challenge?

I’m going to try. As you know, this blog has not seen me write a letter a day. I simply blog about letters every single day and yes, many of those days feature letters from me, but for the month of February as I head into the tail end of my challenge I’m going to try writing and sending a haiku a day. Here’s the first one:

Haiku for Mary