I realize this weekend’s posts took a decidedly gloomy turn and for that I apologize.

Over the course of this bloggy year – and before it too – it has become very clear to me that things printed and things handwritten are definitely going the way of the dodo. Like the land line, the clock radio, or the compact disc, it will take time for snail mail to breathe its last breath. And it may never. But it is clear that the way we communicate is changing. I don’t think our new modes of communication are all better. They are different. They open up different opportunities to us. But they too will fall by the wayside to be replaced with something newer, sexier and more efficient. Maybe even cheaper.

At the end of the day though, it’s about how we as human beings use the medium of choice to reach out to friends, family, strangers, and colleagues. That’s what counts. Make your preferred mode of communication count. Make it mindful no matter what form it takes.