It’s impossible to tire of Nick Bantock’s Griffin & Sabine books. I mentioned the books in a recent blog post and that prompted me to take them off my shelf this week, as I do every so often, and slide the letters out of their envelopes to peer into someone else’s private, albeit fictional, life. If you aren’t familiar with the books, please try to find them at the library or your local bookstore. Or borrow them from a friend. Someone you know is bound to own them. They are glorious little collections of artwork teeming with organic imagery, cartography, postage stamps and rubber stamp impressions.

Nick Bantock, by the way, is very much alive and well and living in BC. Last year he offered a workshop at Hollyhock on Cortez Island that I was tempted to participate in but instead I pulled another book of his off my shelf – Urgent 2nd Class: creating curious collage, dubious documents, and other art from ephemera – and I set to work daydreaming.