Okay, maybe it’s a bit early to be calling a three-quarters completion of this year-long blog project the “home stretch” but I would imagine if I were running a marathon I’d be feeling pretty skookum about having only a quarter of the way left to go. I’ll have to ask my marathon-runner brother about that.

So, how are things going with this blog challenge, you ask? Has it taught me anything? Have I accomplished what I set out to do? Have I lost steam? Here are a few observations on the past 265 days:

  • This blog doesn’t have very many subscribers although the numbers would make for a fun party. Many of you are friends and family. I certainly didn’t expect this to generate my 15 minutes of fame so it’s all good.
  • I got lazy and stopped tagging my posts part-way through which was a mistake because readers definitely find you based on your tags. Bad, Peresssini, bad! Lesson learned
  • When I mention one of my blog posts on Facebook my hits go WAY up
  • People especially love the historical posts about my Great Uncle Charlie and the letters he wrote during the Great War. Stay tuned for more from Charlie
  • Since starting this blog I’ve begun corresponding with at least four new people – an old friend, a little girl, a lovely lady, and a writer whose own letter writing challenge was a great inspiration in continuing on mine
  • I didn’t write as many letters of complaint as I thought I might. (The year was just too positive, I guess)
  • I didn’t feature as many new card designs as I thought I might. (Time was tight and I didn’t let the muse alight as frequently as I could have)
  • Most people do not like to write letters
  • Most people love receiving letters
  • I pay more attention to my handwriting than to the paper I write on
  • Throughout the blog challenge I usually write at least a week’s worth of blog posts in one sitting and schedule them to go live day by day, but on more than a few occasions this autumn I found myself posting day-by-day for several weeks. That was a little scary for this hyper-organized individual
  • Some days I have no idea what to write about
  • I miss the days when we used to lick stamps. Licking those 12-year old Lung Association seals reminded me of that

I’ve enjoyed this challenge but I admit, I’ve contemplated bailing and not finishing out the year. Many times this challenge has felt like an obligation and not a joy but for now I plug along. I’ll be content when it’s over because plans I have for 2013 will require that my time be freed up. Stay tuned.