Last year I made my cousin Kieran a personalized pad of note paper. It was a fun little DIY project so this year I decided to do something with a stack of paper made from banana tree fiber that’s been kicking around in that drawer of paper and envelopes for a few too many years. I’m making a few of them for some special people in my life who I love hearing from and who willingly write letters to me when they have time.

It’s dead easy to make a pad of paper. You cut your paper to size – I also printed mine with lines to write on – then you ensure they papers are all flush with one another (add a stiffer backing sheet if you have it) and brush white glue onto the edge. I used bulldog clips and paper clips to keep the stack of papers together while I was gluing but when I saw them buckle a little bit I decided to flatten them between books as you see below. Once they are dry I’ll put a custom cover on each pad and combine the pads with some nice envelopes, air mail stickers and other bits and bobs.

The finished writing sets will be featured in a future blog post after the holidays when I will no longer ruin the surprise by posting the details here. 🙂