My mum has a few letters written by her Uncle Charlie who fought in The Great War. This one is undated but it is the earliest of those we have. He was still doing basic training in 1915 before being sent to fight in France.

He wrote this letter to his sister:

C Company 11th Essex
Shorehan by Sea Sussex

Dear Alice,

 I received your card yesterday and was glad to hear that you are still keeping well in spite of the weather, and it has not been very grand this last week. It has rained nearly every day and the mud has been something awful.

 They have given us floors for our tents so we don’t have to sleep on the wet ground. We expect to be shifted into the huts this week so that will be much better. I don’t know if I shall be home before Christmas as it’s a long way to come, and little time to do it in. If I can get the Monday as well I may be home in a week or two, but it cost about 9/- as they charge more for the fare now. The war don’t seem as though it is coming to an end, just yet, and I suppose Hitcheners Boys will have to go and finish it for them. We have had nine months training now so we still have another four months before they expect us to be ready. They tell us that we shall have to go abroad, and that we will be there sooner than a lot of us think. But I hope it will be over so that I am out in time for your wedding. Well I think this is all I have to say now so I will conclude with Best Wishes and much love from your Loving Brother.


 Please excuse scribble am in a hurry nearly bedtime. But where is the bed.

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