Some years back I gave my childhood scratch ‘n’ sniff collection to a friend of mine who has kids. I thought they would derive hours of enjoyment from peeling back the clear magnetic pages of the old 80s photo album to delicately scratch and then sniff the many stickers that were so lovingly categorized and arranged on the album’s pages. I was an organizer then and continue to be an organizer to this day.

What I didn’t predict was that within a few weeks the book’s pages would be torn, the heavy duty spiral binding bent and the collection tossed aside like last year’s boring old Christmas present. I was pretty choked. But then I reminded myself that once you give something away, it’s no longer yours. You have to set your expectations aside and just let it go.

Maybe it was a yearning to rebuild that collection or start a new one, but I seem to have amassed a great many stickers in that stationery drawer of mine over the years and it’s high time I used them or gave them away or something. I have an idea about what I’d like to do with them and that may play out in the form of a Christmas gift to my four cousins in England but for now I’m finding other ways to share them with people I think might like them. Ladyhawk is a cat lover and is someone who hearkens back to a bygone era so I thought she’d appreciate these charming and ever so slightly creepy Victoria mausers.

Do scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers even exist anymore? I remember being pretty excited when I got my hands on one that smelled like skunk. Needless to say after having experienced the real thing, I won’t be looking to add that one to any new collection I might be tempted to start.