I love receiving her letters and examining the nuances of the letterforms.

My brother has aptly described the handwriting of most people today as a strange hybrid of cursive writing and printing, but this friend actually writes in a proper cursive style, albeit a more casual style than what we were taught in elementary school where capital Q’s looked like twos.

Often, discussion about my year of letter-writing – and letter-receiving – generates the observation that an individual’s handwriting has gone all to hell because of the extreme amount of time now spent over a keyboard instead of a pen. Maybe those people should conduct an experiment where they practice their writing to see how it improves or changes over time. Maybe a new pen is all that’s in order. Or maybe the study of old styles of lettering would help them develop a new style.

I know my writing changed as I grew out of adolescence – the days of little hearts as dots on i’s – into adulthood – the days of spidery writing with my beloved Pilot G Tec C-4. My printing now is nothing like it once was, and still, much as I like my hand, I would love to be able to change it to suit my mood. That’s not ambidextrous is it? What would that be called? Ambitextrous? Oh crap, is this that two-faced character trait we Geminis are supposed to be so famous for? I guess there are worse manifestations of two-facedness aren’t there?  🙂   >:|