The holidays are coming up soon. How can you ignore the decorations that are already up in all the stores and the carols playing on the speaker systems. Egads. The only things I am thinking about that are holiday-related are my corporate card sales which are hot and heavy right now, and the food – good and bad – that will be consumed through the holidays. I always think about food.

Today’s letter is for my doctor friend who made the observation in a recent Facebook post that every single one of the patients she saw that day could seriously improve their general health and/or reduce their need for meds if they’d adopt a healthier diet. She mentioned wanting to give them handouts to supplement what she’s able to tell them in their short appointments with her. Since nutrition is near and dear to my heart AND I’ve actually written a few info sheets already for a class assignment, I think this may be a great opportunity for her and I to collaborate on something, or for me to supply her with something she needs while giving me the practice I need to communicate my new knowledge to people.