I am a member of a networking group called High Output Business Network (HOBN) and at each gathering we go around the table and each get 60 or 90 seconds to give an informational vignette (read: elevator speech) about ourselves.

This morning I handed out 24 of my greeting card designs. All different. They were a big hit. My “ask” was that the cards not sit in a drawer at home but that they be put on display or sent to someone they love or do business with. Or both, I suppose.

I love Thursday’s meeting place – deep in the upstairs at the very back of the Harrision Galleries in downtown Vancouver. I love being surrounded by oil paint and ornate frames. I’m also a fan of the free parking up to 9am on the street outside (our meetings start at 7:30 and end by 9:00). If you are interested in checking out a meeting, let me know.

Yaletown 1 HOBN networking chapter • photo by George Moen