It’s a grey and wet October day. Store owners are sweeping fallen leaves into the gutter, completely clueless that their actions will soon lead to giant pools of water collecting at the city’s street corners. There will be a great many pedestrian soakings when the cars and buses drive through intersections at full speed. Welcome to a typical Vancouver autumn!

I haven’t photographed my workspace in a while. Here’s how it looks this morning after attending a networking event where there was a great deal of talk about social media as a vehicle to drive traffic and generate business (there is more blog post after the jump):

So, this networking meeting I just got back from… the group is called HOBN (High Output Business Network) and they meet all over Metro Vancouver at various locations and at various times. You could go to an HOBN event every day and sometimes a couple times a day if you really wanted to. It’s extensive. This is the third breakfast meeting I’ve been to and I’m suitably convinced that this group of small business owners and self-motivated professionals is worth allying myself with. The connections these people have are vast. If you want to know who is doing an unorthodox job of philanthropy, just ask. If you want to know if someone has an old cell phone they are no longer using, just ask. If you are looking for leads for your own business, just ask. The give & take and show & tell has been varied and interesting.

One of the founders is a man by the name of George Moen. Some may know him as the past President of Blenz Coffee shops. He’s a networking superstar. I met him this week for the first time and he is all about the social media and online communication which is why I’m fairly certain my quaint paper offerings were of little interest to him.

Within an hour of our meeting he had requested a connection with me through Linked In. I accepted. But I also wanted to follow up in classic Christina fashion by sending him a card. That is part and parcel of my brand, afterall.

At the very bottom of his website, which is a loooong list of links to different social media sites and other ways of contacting him electronically, was a mailing address. A PO Box. I admit I was a little surprised to find it. Today I sent the eagle card to him.

BTW, those “peace” cards you see in the foreground are the ten samples that TPH sent me. No one took up my challenge of identifying the alphabets depicted on the front of that card so I’m going to send those cards to my own contacts.