J and I went to The Reef for dinner on one of our date nights. We decided to try a new place instead of one of the tired old places we usually fall back onto. If you are like us, then you know that going to a restaurant that’s tried and true rarely disappoints. That’s why you keep going back afterall.

This time we flipped a coin and it landed on Commercial Drive. We wandered up the east side of the street and settled on The Reef which has never disappointed as far as breakfast is concerned. The food was great, as always. No complaints about that. But the thing that will keep us from going back there is the volume. They had a DJ spinning. It was loud and tinny which made it difficult to carry on a conversation. Not to mention it was really aggravating after a while.

Anyway, I guarantee we won’t be going back on a Saturday night again unless it’s for take out. So today’s letter is a postcard from their establishment that I’m sending back to let them know that the food was awesome but the sound will keep us away. I tell them that I’m 42-years old. Maybe that way they can ascertain whether or not it’s worth making any changes in the volume since I may just be a curmudgeonly old coot who isn’t part of their target demographic anyway.

They bring you a postcard you when they bring you the bill.