I’m cheating a little by posting this today instead of tomorrow or the day after but since I know you guys read the blog more during the week I wanted to make sure I caught you before the weekend hit and you all got outside and away from your computers.

I’m officially half way through my blog challenge! Woo hoo!

Someone please pour me a double gin and tonic.

I will admit that my enthusiasm for this challenge flags from time to time and the last couple of weeks have been particularly rough. Motivation is not plentiful at the moment but that could be because other aspects of life have become a bit hectic. A challenge of this sort does encourage thinking outside of the box which is always a good thing. And it has generated wonderful brainstorming sessions with various friends and family members which would never have happened were it not for the blog.

I didn’t have any solid expectations going into this challenge, nor do I have any at this half way point. I’m just happy to have arrived and I’m still happy to be continuing the journey.

Are you enjoying the trip?