I learned something today.

My penpal Mary who lives in Saskatoon sent me this card with a bit about the pelican activity in her neck of the woods. Who knew that pelicans liked to hang out on the prairies?!

She writes, “Every summer we have the sight of these wonderful birds feeding at the Weir in our river…. Each day the pelicans fly into Saskatoon and they wait at the Weir and as the fish come over they scoop them up in their huge beaks and take them back to feed the ones at home…. The sight of them flying and then swooping down to the water is a sight to behold.”

Also, it did not escape me that Mary posted her card using a Saskatchewan Rough Riders commemorative stamp. She is an avid football fan. And unlike a lot of sports fans, she is still a fan if they lose or tie the game. I’m not a big sports fan but I am holding up a giant virtual foamy number one hand gesture just for her.