New letterpress shop in town

The print and design world is seeing small local shops going under, paper mills being gobbled up by the big players, and a general movement away from analog design and toward digital design. And yet, here is a brand new game in town touting one of the oldest forms of printing there is. Letterpress printing hearkens back to Gutenberg and the 15th century but there’s been a resurgence of this style of printing in the last 20 years or so. All you have to do is go to any stationery shop and you’ll find no end of letterpressed designs hammered in toothy card stock. It’s a complete joy to handle well-printed letterpress work. If you’ve ever received a letterpressed piece, you’ll know it. You’ve heard of “slow food”? Well this is slow printing. You can’t panic a letterpressed job through the same way you can a digital job. Letterpressing is worth the wait though. Letterpressed work feels important. It can imbue the lowliest of papers with star qualities too.

I wish this new shop well. I have a dinner to go to at my friend Deb’s house so I won’t be able to make it to their big opening but it was kind of them to invite me. No doubt there will be a multitude of black turtlenecks and black-framed glasses in attendance.