The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it

Today’s letter got tucked into a padded envelope along with a batch of cards that are bound for Welland, Ontario. Antoinette sells my cards, among other things, at a farmer’s market in Welland.

I thought she’d get a kick out of my old Arabesque Words and Pictures cards since she loves quotations as much as I do. I still have a few of these left but will clean myself out before the end of this challenge. The whole schtick behind these cards was that the art was on the inside and only a part of it peeked out of the small square window I cut on the front of the card. Are you sensing the early inklings of a collection of die-cut cards? You have to start somewhere, right? Why not with a simple square. Cut by hand no less. Scored by hand too! One at a time! UPHILL BOTH WAYS! Okay, not uphill both ways but you get the picture. I’m sure Martha Stewart makes a punch that can do this but times were tough back in the Arabesque days. We had to make do with what was available. (Thank you X-acto.)

Occasionally I still score a card or two by hand especially ones that are produced in very small batches or are one-offs.