New website launched

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Flickr or with whom I walk dogs will already know that I finally got my new Nib & Tuck site launched last week. Halle-freakin’-lujah. And thus begins a new chapter in my snail mail world because the launch of my new site design is the step I needed to complete before undertaking a big corporate mailing. I’m sending out enough promotional cards to have warranted friends coming over to help me fold and stuff. If I counted each of those cards as one letter a day, I’d be satisfying my daily posts until the middle of 2015. But that would make for some awfully boring reading for you, so I’ll consider that mass mailing a single post in the upcoming week. Stay tuned.

Today’s letter is one of my new eagle cards (pictured on my website, above). It’s going out to my web developer-nature-lover friend and colleague Emrys Miller of Rocketday who has, himself, just started a 10-day letter writing challenge.