Picture this. You are standing at the top of a tall mountain in alpine meadows with trees and groomed trails all around you. A little alpine village sits nestled between the hills. This could be Bavaria. But it’s Sun Peaks, near Kamloops, BC. It’s a skiing mecca in winter and a hiking and off-road mountain biking destination in summer. James and I made the trek there last weekend for his family’s reunion. And today’s letter is a postcard from there that I bought but neglected to send to my favourite English cousins. I’ll post it today.

The tragedy of today’s post is that I have several gorgeous photos of the alpine meadows full of wildflowers that we encountered on our hikes but I don’t have access to the pix because James has them on his camera and he’s not here in PR with me. Boo. Bad planning on my part. Or just too much jetting from one BC locale to another this fine summer season.

I am hoping that Oliver – one of the aforementioned favourite English cousins – will perhaps want to come to Canada one day and head up to Sun Peaks for a little downhill off-road riding. He’s into that. It would be fun. I guess I’d have to accompany him. Maybe I should’ve taken some downhill riding lessons  while I was there instead of burning my buns on those uphill hikes.