You may have already ascertained during the 10-day blogging challenge that I usually pre-write my posts and schedule them to be made public on specific days. Honestly if I had to write and publish a blog post every single day of the year it would throw a serious spanner in my social life – or my work life if I were to work on the posts Monday to Friday during the day. Typically I write my posts for the week on Sunday. During odd periods, like August which has been full of travel, I have been writing and scheduling a lot more than one week’s worth of posts which feels strange and a bit like cheating.

So, here I am now in Powell River visiting family again and I’m having to head down to the public library to use the internet connection so I can keep the blog fires burning. I’m plum out of pre-written posts too so it’s crunch time. I’ve also neglected to bring the cable that will allow me to get photos off of my camera and onto my computer so for the next few days you’ll get text posts only. Being a visual person, this bothers me a little but I know you are a forgiving bunch. 🙂

Today’s wonderful card is from my penpal Mary who lives in Saskatoon. Her letters to me are always written inside cards that depict artwork by local painters. This latest card features a placid snow scene of Saskatoon which I felt was bold considering it is currently August and flaming hot both here on the west coast and on the prairies. I wanted to send Mary back one of my own winter card designs but I don’t have any on me so that will have to wait until I return to the city. Inside she tells me a bit about the Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon that was featured on the front of her last card and, I think, is the same building featured on this latest card.

“If you and I had a dollar for every painting and photo that has been made of that building we would never want for groceries again,” she wrote. Sounds a bit like the Empress in Victoria. Fairmont does have a way of collecting the grand dames of the hotel world. I had the pleasure of staying at the Fairmont in Banff. And I, like Mary with her Bessborough, admired its elegance greatly. I never did find a gorgeous watercolour card of the Banff Springs Hotel but then again I was probably not looking hard enough.