Letters to Juliet

I first heard the term “Letters to Juliet” referring to an oddball album that Elvis Costello did with the Brodsky Quartet sometime in the 90s.

In Verona in the 1930s people started leaving notes and letters on the tomb of Juliet Capulet. The custodian of her tomb at that time began replying to the letters as the voice of Juliet. Nowadays, people continue to leave letters to Juliet but on the walls of her house and the topic of those letters is always love.

The practice of answering the letters left by love-struck and heartbroken visitors continues to this day and is undertaken by the Club di Giulietta. It consists of fifteen “secretaries” – thirteen women and two men. Sometimes the letters left for Juliet ask for advice but more often than not, the writers are just looking for someone who will listen.

Secretary Elena Marchi says of the people who write Juliet’s replies, “You have to be a sensitive, empathetic, open-hearted person, and always bear in mind that you write on behalf of Juliet, who has become the universal symbol of romantic love because she was a strong, brave and passionate young girl.”

The club receives approximately 5,000 letters each year.

Learn more about the Club di Guilietta here and send your letters here:

Club di Giulietta
Via Galilei 3 – 37100 Verona, Italy