Day 10 of the 10-Day Letter Writing Challenge
(Christina’s Day 126 of 365)

Day 10! Congratulations to everyone who took on the 10-day letter writing challenge. How did you do? Did it get difficult by day ten? Did you run out of people to write to? If you found it challenging, you can imagine how challenging it is to blog about letters for 365 days straight. I am officially one third of the way through my year-long challenge. Somebody pour me a drink.

If you successfully penned your ten letters and you left a comment back on my July 15th post, be sure to leave a comment on today’s post too before August 15th in order to receive a bonus pack of original cards from my collection. You’ll have to send me your snail mail address too. Best do that offline for privacy’s sake.

Congratulations. I hope the letter writing continues throughout the year for you.

• • • • •

Today’s letter is for a little girl who lives in Tofino. She’s is my friend Laurie’s daughter. Laurie tells me that the blog has given her some great ideas for creative activities they can do together.

I customized one of my cards to include a sheet of seeded paper much like I did for Holly a few posts ago. I hope they will plant the paper together and take some pictures once the seeds begin to germinate. Hopefully it’s not too late in the season to plant these. Curious to know if they’ll come up in future years too.