Day 6 of the 10-Day Letter Writing Challenge
(Christina’s Day 122 of 365)

Today’s letter is for my friend Holly who lives in small town Maine and who writes to me on the back of paper placemats from diners and restaurants. The place where she usually acquires her “stationery” was out of placemats for a while so instead she started writing her installment letter to me on outdated signs that she has taken out of her shop window – signs for things like the Bad Little Falls Car Show and the Beehive Collective’s Vintage and Antique Stuff-a-Thon. And then the restaurant got more placemats in – and there was much rejoicing – so the letter continued on those and I got my fill of ads for businesses in Washington County, like F.A. Peabody Compagny (is that a typo?) and C.I.A. Quality Furniture and Mattresses (I wonder if they are bugged).

I live vicariously through Holly in some ways. She lives in a small town. I used to live in a small town. I hope that I might return to live in a small town again one day and shake off the dirty and noise of the city. But for now, as she updates me on the trials and tribulations of training a dog with “issues” and as she fights to get the okay for a wheelchair ramp to be installed on the side of her shop, I am updating her on my recent trip home to visit family. I’m telling her how exhausted Iris was after a week of solid begging from everyone. I’m also telling her how exhausting I found it weeding two rows of vegetables  in my parents’ garden. How sad is that? Two people in their 70s do all the weeding, planting, watering, harvesting and canning of that amazing bounty and I am knackered after an hour of kneeling. Granted the sun was blazing that day but still. Sad, Peressini. Sad.

Holly’s getting one of the nature series cards I had my laser guy cut out of Reich Savoy cotton. I won’t be using Savoy for the run I plan to print later this month. I’m using chipboard instead with a white insert but Holly gets a special customized version of this card on the Savoy with a sheet of seeded paper inserted inside. I hope she plants it. My mum planted the seeded paper I gave her and check out the results.