Day 5 of the 10-Day Letter Writing Challenge
(Christina’s Day 121 of 365)

Half way through the challenge! How are you all doing? I know some of you are writing from the road and others are writing while waiting in doctors’ offices. Whatever works for you and whatever makes it fun.

Today’s letter is a reply for my friend Nancy who has been following my letter a day blog. She sent me this wonderful letter from Italy of all places. It’s official. Nancy now writes to me from Italy more often than my own Italian relatives and she doesn’t even live there.

Yes, Peressinis, you heard me. I know they have pens and paper in the old country. It’s not that old a country. You have no excuse.

I love Nancy’s writing. It’s loose and lyrical. Her upper case Ds especially rock and you have to love hotel stationary. And I think those Italian stamps might even be the lickable kind. Very retro.