Day 3 of the 10-Day Letter Writing Challenge
(Christina’s Day 119 of 365)

My cousin Tracy receives today’s letter. She is my oldest pen pal but I’ve already mentioned at least once on this blog that I now write long letters to her children instead of to her. I know the whole family reads them though, often around the dinner table and often first Lucy will read the letter and then Oliver. I love that they do that.

In today’s letter to Tracy I tell her about my recent visit to Powell River and about the 13 km walk that I took with my family around Inland Lake where her and her husband once came with me many years ago when they visited Canada. I thought of them as we walked that long trail. Were we not late for supper and were we not all dragging our sorry asses when we finished that mammoth walk I would have donned my swimming togs and gone in for a dip with the dog. Next time.

Letter is coming your way Tracy. xoxo