Day 1 of the 10-Day Letter Writing Challenge
(Christina’s Day 117 of 365)

The day has arrived! Today is Day One of the 10-Day Writing Challenge. On your mark, get set… write.

Today’s letter is a thank you to my parents’ neighbour of many years, Mr. T, who had a whole bunch of Electrolux vacuum cleaners in various states of repair and disrepair in his basement. He put a whole one together for me, complete with hose, wand and attachments. I have been vacuum-less for a few years now so I am thrilled to finally have one of my very own and a coveted Electrolux no less. These things suck like a hot damn. When I offered to pay Mr. T for it he said, “Tell you what. Just do something nice for your dad because he’s done so many nice things for me.”

Now, what to do for dad….  A letter in my best Italian perhaps?