Every month or so I receive a newsletter from a realtor by the name of Shane Gray. He’s a super nice guy who I have had the pleasure of meeting a few times. While I have no plans to sell my place anytime soon, if I ever did, I wouldn’t hesitate to call him. He’s also an immensely talented carpenter and builder. His friendly, casual newsletter has featured, among other things, some of his own personal projects such as an old fashioned ribbon driveway and a funky wine cellar including rock walls, recessed fridges and rows of wooden wine racks.

While I’m amused by the newsletter and read every issue I receive I think the design could use some work and guess what… I’m a designer! So I’ve written a hello to Shane which includes among other things some information about recent work I’ve undertaken for clients. I consider it my own one-on-one newsletter. We’ll see if this yields any new work.

It’s shocking that it took 112 days before I finally wrote a letter to a prospective client. Bad letter writer, bad!