I consider myself a chronically punctual person and have often been criticized for being too early to some things however, it appears I came to fiction writer Mary Robinette Kowal’s month-long challenge of letter writing a few months too late. But how timely that my boyfriend – mindful of providing me with ideas lest this blog turn into one giant snooze-fest – heard about this challenge on a re-run of CBC’s radio show Spark today. This is also timely as my own 10-day letter writing challenge with my readers is fast approaching. Is everybody ready?

In February 2012 Mary challenged people to write a letter a day for a month and to respond to any letter they received. I visited her website and was tickled to see she included a mailing address on her contact page which is a rarity these days so…

…today’s letter is for Mary. Unlike Mary though, I am not giving up the internet for my period of letter writing. That would mean no income for a year – no can do – however that is perhaps another challenge to consider after my year of mindful paper correspondence… and maybe a big lottery win.