Thank you for a lovely evening

For a while, Strathmore, a paper company, had full page ads in HOW and other design magazines that were these all-in-one card/envelope thingees that were perforated for tearing out of a full-sized sheet of paper within the magazine. I have held onto a couple of them because they are so sweet and so compact and you just don’t see things like this anymore. They remind me of the letters that my grandparents and my Aunt Marjorie used to write to me from England every so often. Those ones from England were bigger than this but it was exactly the same idea. You used to buy them from the post office with the postage already built into them. If Canada Post had the same thing it might’ve been before my time. Feel free to weigh in on this if you have information.

Jerry and Kanako are getting this one as thanks for generously hosting me at their house for a wonderful meal, sending me home with killer chocolate, and taking some photos of my card collection for me.

Here’s a little more on the iconic Strathmore thistle.

And just because yesterday’s post about watching a friend’s dog run into oncoming traffic was so traumatic I include a bonus photo below for a bit of comic relief because let’s face it, if you can’t laugh at a cat, who can you laugh at.

There was only one question on Henry’s mind.