Communications 12

Communications 12 is the equivalent of English 12 in BC’s high school system except it’s designed for the kids who have difficulty learning in a regular English class. As such, Communications 12 students may not study as much poetry or Shakespeare as English 12 students but they’ll still read novels and short stories, and learn basic skills – persuasive, descriptive and expository writing  – and public speaking. Among their course requirements they are also expected to learn how to write and format a letter.

For some of these kids writing in complete sentences is challenge enough let alone learning to put “Dear Mr. So-and-So,” on it’s own line before the start of the body of the letter. My brother, who teaches high school English and Communcations classes showed me this example of a question found on a past Communications 12 Provincial exam.

Below the exam question I’ve posted a sample letter written by a student in response to an exam question just like this. Shocking how such a simple skill is so challenging for some. That is a 17-year old’s writing. Scary. Or maybe it’s not so scary if text messaging becomes the standard by which we communicate in the decades to come.