Not feeling too hot about the Calgary Stampede

It’s the Calgary Stampede’s 100th anniversary this year. I love the typography on these stamps but it felt  wrong buying them.

Eighty-four animals have been killed since 1986 at Stampede events. That means animals are dying in the name of entertainment.

On July 12th at this year’s Stampede three horses died after a crash during a chuck wagon race. Granted, no one ever wants this to happen – most of all the organizers of the Stampede, I’m sure –  but it’s a very real danger when you put animals in a situation where speed and proximity to other horses and wagons are obviously factors. So why do they keep doing it?

The worst part for me was watching the replay of the accident on the news as I waited at a restaurant to pick up some some take away.

Why is it unacceptable to show pictures of people being killed on the news but it’s perfectly acceptable to post pictures of animals dying? Honestly….