Hand Written Letter Project

I came across a website called Hand.Written.Letter.Project recently. It was a month-long project created by Craig Oldham in Manchester UK, wherein he “extended an invitation to designers and creative thinkers alike to simply write and make known their thoughts … in handwritten form and on their stationery”. Some biggies in the design industry like Michael Beirut and Stephan Sagmeister participated.

I am a year too late to participate in Craig’s project and I don’t use actual physical paper stationery in my business anymore – the irony of this fact is not lost on me – but I did feel like it behooved me to reach out to this fellow letter writer so today’s letter is for him and how apropos that I’m writing to a UK address on red and blue lined writing paper – a reminder of the red and blue airmail envelopes of yore.

Two points to the person who can find the typo in the photo below.