The old jewelry is now gone. It is all in an envelope jetting its way to England to my two adolescent female cousins. I have no idea if teen and pre-teen girls play nicely when divvying up free stuff – and I have no idea if my old jewelry is even squabble-worthy – but just to be safe I mailed it to Tracy, the younger one’s mum with a note about how I hope she doesn’t mind referreeing the division of the spoils.

The locket, which is old and a little past its prime, came from Ely. I was there the day the Anglican church ordained their first female minister at the cathedral. Inside the locket is a little pen sketch of my first dog, Jo. I think they’ll get a kick out of that when they open it. Bonus photo after the jump.

What collection of objects could you afford to divest yourself of?

Here’s a picture of the current dog for no particular reason. Check out that glorious snake-skin Klugman.

Cold and wet just the way it should be.