100 days down. 265 to go.

I’m 100 days into this crazy year-long challenge and to celebrate my 100-day accomplishment I am posing the following challenge to my readers.

Can you write a letter a day for ten days? Do you have enough stationery to make that happen, enough stamps in your drawer, and enough XXXs and OOOs in your fountain pen? If you are up to the task, I invite you to join me starting August 1st.

Pledge to participate in the 10-day challenge by leaving a comment below saying you are up for the challenge, then take the next 15 days to think about who will receive your ten letters. Fifteen days of planning should give you enough to time to buy that new Pilot G Tec C4 pen you’ve always wanted, pick up a few stamps at your nearest 7/11, and stock up on envelopes. Then starting on August 1st and every day thereafter for a total of ten days, you will pen a letter, postcard or card each day to a friend, family member, stranger, acquaintance, arch-enemy, etc.

The challenge will wrap up on Friday, August 10th.

I’m hoping that throughout the ten days you will blog, Facebook, Flickr, or Tweet about your experience and leave messages on my daily posts, and maybe you’ll even get to know the people who work at your local post office. (Hi Steve and Lolita!)

As extra incentive to keep at it, each person who successfully completes the Letter-a-Day Challenge will receive a pack of my own original Nib & Tuck cards. The only requirement is you have to pledge on today’s post in the comments section below between now and August 1st and you must follow up by leaving another message on my August 10th post. I will take your word that you did send your ten letters. If you want to send me a card everyday for ten days I won’t say no (PO Box 53563, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4M6).

What say you? Are you in?

[NOTE: if you have trouble posting a comment below, just head over to my Facebook page and leave a note there saying you’re in and then do the same on August 10th. Ah, technical difficulties….]