For my prairie penpal

Mary sent me another beautiful card from Saskatoon recently.

She said something interesting in her letter that gave me pause for thought. She wrote, “Pat told you that I like cards but I not only like them, I use them.”

Those who know me know I’m a shameless collector of fine papery things and I’ve held on to a lot of cards and samples from my paper suppliers over the years because they are a joy to look at and interact with. But Mary’s got a good point about putting such things to good use.

So I went back through my drawer of paper – that’s tomorrow’s blog post  – and I started looking for cards that I have held onto for a very long time. Some of those will be putting in an appearance in the coming weeks. I have to give myself a bit of time to gear up to give away my lovelies but losing a grip on attachment to things is good. It’s healthy. Right? I might need more convincing when it comes to paper.