Letter of Installments

Today I started penning a reply letter to J— in Oklahoma. I’m doing it in installments like she did. It kind of feels like journal entries that way.

I had to tell her about the great little hike James and Iris and I did at the start of the Baden-Powell Trail in Deep Cove. The trail is named after Lord Baden-Powell who founded the Scouting Movement. You know, the Boy Scouts of America?

The scenic lookout is only 2km in, but it’s a rocky, craggy and rooty hike to get there. If you aren’t used to such a hike you will be in for a good little workout.

We are thinking of doing the 14 km hike from Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon but I’d like to find out more about the terrain before committing to it. If it’s at all like the first 2km, I might need to work up to it.

Isn’t this a glorious view? Do yourself a favour and climb another five minutes to the look out that’s just above this first busy one. You’ll be alone up there. And the salmon berries will be all yours!

Deep Cove’s landscape is quite furry in places.

Someone was happy and tired after gazelle-ing through the underbrush.

It’s salmon berry season! And crappy-phone-picture season too apparently.