Exorcising demons

…not to be mistaken for exercising demons which requires a stationery bike and a whole lotta A/C.

Today’s post stems from two things: a fantastic quote by Kris Carr that I Facebooked (aw, man, I just used it as a verb) about a year ago, and recent readings in a Caroline Myss book that was one of my course texts.

The Kris Carr quote is this:

“Bless him, thank him, and send that bastard to the light so you don’t have to drag his tired ass around in your mind.”

You can extrapolate this sentiment and make your exorcism about anyone, any feeling, or any experience, and you can leave out the expletive, or add more if you like. It certainly doesn’t have to be about a crappy ex.

As for Caroline Myss, in her book Why People Don’t Heal and How they Can, she talks about the need to deal with any negative energy that you may be carrying around. She recommends writing down your misdeeds, confessions and misjudgements and letting them go up in flames.

So, I wrote my mini letter of blessings and thanks on a piece of paper – and not a particularly nice piece of paper either, but a scrap that came out of the recycling bin. I didn’t use my best printing, nor did I write with my beloved Pilot G Tec C4.

I scribbled my heavy words and then I burned them.

And now, seeing them so small, charred, stinky and illegible in a tiny matchbox from the ACE Hotel, I can honestly say, I really do feel lighter. I encourage you to try this at home. Open the windows first.