Happy Tails deserve happy thanks

I left Iris overnight at Happy Tails Ranch recently. I can’t call it a kenneling facility because there are no kennels here. The dogs live right in the house with owners Chari and Dave Keet. Chari and Dave  routinely surround themselves with almost two dozen canines who radiate non-stop unconditional love. This is probably one of the healthiest workplaces I’ve ever encountered.

Their home is nestled in the woods in Gibsons just a few minutes drive from the Langdale ferry terminal so this was a convenient stop on my way through to Mr Kookoo’s Secret Treehouse getaway.

Iris will most definitely be returning to Happy Tails when I go on my next long adventure. Not sure when that will be yet, but I know she won’t be upset with the daily homebaked cookies and muffins. She’ll be front and center with her butt on the floor and her tail wagging out of control.