Happy birthday Deb!

This year, in addition to cards from her dinner companions (we went to Primo’s Mexican Cantina at 12th and Granville), Deb also received a card from her 10-year old  niece that was inspired by the Mother’s Day card I featured a few weeks back. It was fantastic and oh, so terribly clever. The kid’s card, that is.

[Side note: Word on the street is that Primo’s Mexican Cantina is closing its doors at the end of this month so please go in and strap on a nosh bag before this 55-year old Vancouver institution is gone forever. Joel and Jensen, the third generation Villanuevas to run this fine establishment, would love to see your smiling face. I know I’ll be back for at least one more belly up to their bar.]

What could be better than fine stationery and a lime martini.