Pow River

Have I mentioned yet how stupidly challenging it was to find a postcard in this town? I went to five places before I finally found a handful of disappointing designs at Hindles, a stationery store that has been around for at least 40 years. You can still buy old school ledgers and receipt books there. I’m pretty sure they sell more photography equipment than antique office supplies but I still find their analog stock quite charming.

I had to send this one to my oldest friend, Susan who is also from “Pow River”. I particularly love the Photoshop job on the heron. I think there may be an untapped market up here for graphic design.

Speaking of herons, Iris enjoyed chasing them down on the beach near my parents’ house. Here she is posing with a giant rock that my friend Hodgey will like as it has a face. View it larger if you are having trouble seeing it. Hodgey is notorious for seeing faces in nature and capturing them in photographs.