Spring visit to Pow Town

After overnighting with four of my classmates at Mr KooKoo’s Secret Treehouse I continued north up the Sunshine Coast to my hometown of Powell River to visit my parents and… to learn how to change the oil in my car. That little tid bit made it onto this postcard to far-flung family members.

Who knew changing a car’s oil and filter is a dead easy task. In the process I learned something interesting. You shouldn’t necessarily believe your car’s computer when the maintenance minder comes on and tells you it’s time to change your oil.

As I pulled out the plug and drained the oil, my dad said it still had a lot of life left in it and insisted that I could’ve continued driving on it for a quite a while longer. Not wanting to waste perfectly good oil he saved it and said he will use it for his chainsaw. That’s the dad I know.

Next time the light comes on I’m giving the car another 1000 km and bringing it up here to change at the Peressini compound where we have the facilitites.

He said, “Here. Put these on,” and handed me this sexy ensemble.