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I pride myself on being in touch with my English side – and I love food – but when this card arrived recently from my favourite English cousin, I was completely stymied on many of the culinary references. How many of these are you familiar with? No Googling!


House Swarming!

Friend and creative kin Stephen Coles just moved into a stunning new home in Oakland, California with his ridiculously talented girlfriend Laura Serra. I figured their new mailbox could use a piece of snail mail from Canada so…

They are receiving the fifth and final design in the new nature series that’s launching this summer.


I swear, this is as x-rated as the blog posts will ever get:

And below is yet another example of why I’m sure I often don’t receive cards from people or why I sometimes receive my own card designs from friends. It’s flattering:

I am MG. You don’t need to know why.


Today’s letter is for Keri who had a birthday earlier this month. Keri doesn’t celebrate her birthday though, she celebrates her birthmonth so I sent her a birthmonth card which, confound it, I forgot to photograph before I sealed up the envelope so instead, I will show you the birthmonth card she just sent to me.

Let me tell you, in case you’ve never tried, It is freaking impossible to photograph a holographic image.

You can guess what it said though, right?

“Send a Raven”

If I lived in the Game of Thrones world I would be sending ravens all over the place. My writing is small afterall. No problem tying my tiny notes onto a bird’s leg.

Instead of sending a raven, I sent an eagle – the fourth of my five new designs – to watch over my friend Sarah who is in the hospital going on almost one month now. xo

Remembering Marjorie

Two years ago today my great Aunt Marjorie died in England. This woman did so much for so many people. She was that person who always sacrificed time and energy to help her “mates” and her family. She lived decades after her husband Frank passed away. She outlived her sister and her brother-in-law too and she cared for their grown son who had never learned to read, write or manage on his own and who never had a single kind word for her. She didn’t need to put up with that but she did.

Right up until cancer finally shut her system down, this elderly lady would walk blocks to deliver her nephew’s groceries, run his errands, cook his Christmas dinner and do his washing up – all this out of familial obligation and because there was no one else to care for him and he wouldn’t have hired home help come into his house. The day she called him up to tell him about her cancer diagnosis, he replied by asking her if she could bring some toilet bowl cleaner when she came up to visit him next. Lovely.

Marjorie was a lovely lady, soft spoken, sweet, full of stories and the kind of lady who always put lipstick on and dressed up before she left the house even if it was just to go shopping. When I last saw her, she took me to the cemetery and helped me find my grandparents’ grave. I couldn’t find it because the lettering had all been picked off of the gravestone by some horrible person. I consider that a form of grave robbing too.

I wish I’d been closer, geographically, to help Marjorie as her health deteriorated but I’m grateful she had loved ones who were there and able to help her and so today’s letter is for Marjorie’s niece Theresa and who was there through it all. Her selflessness as Marjorie was declining was particularly noteworthy because Theresa had lost both her parents and a good friend in the year and a half before Marjorie died. That’s a lot of sorrow in a short space of time. She deserves a lot more than a letter of thanks and remembrance.

And on that note…here is one of my favourite sad songs.

Government Employee of the Year Award

Remember the recent “Dear Lordco, It’s Me Christina” post?  This is a thank you to Bruce Peet, the city inspector who managed to silence the pre-7am hubbub coming from Lordco’s warehouse using swift and effective diplomacy. This was the most effective exchange I’ve ever had with a civil servant. Thank you, Bruce.

This is the third of my five new nature designs. Mmm..salmon.

I needed to burn some more words

This has got to be the most cost-effective form of therapy out there.

After I turned words into smoke I went on a walk in search of blessed thistle but returned with salmon berries instead. (Salmon berries not shown.)

Laser cutting is not cut out for all papers

My friend Robin Reich of Reich Papers was sweet enough to send me a few sheets of Savoy, that gorgeous 100% cotton sheet I’ve mentioned on the blog at least once already. It’s amazing. I asked her how it would laser cut and she said she wasn’t sure anyone had done that yet so I decided to try. The process does not do this paper justice. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

While the laser didn’t do the most stellar job on 100% cotton, I did want to send this dogwood – card no. 2 of five in the Nature Series – to Robin as a thank you and to show her the results. I can’t quite recall what company makes that irridescent pink paper I used inside, but it sure makes this dogwood jump to life. Pink and white is so much more girly than I’m used to. Those who know me will agree.

UPDATE: I should add, it’s not that this looks horrific – far from it. There were just a lot of burned edges on the design. Too many. Still, I heart this paper immensely.

Nature series take flight

Finally, the series of designs I’ve been promising to create has been born. This is one of my babies and it’s winging its way to Lizzy in South Van. Stay tuned here in the coming weeks to see all five if you haven’t already seen them on my website or on Facebook or Flickr.