Instructor Evaluations

Sorry, there’s no photo for today’s post. It wouldn’t have been entirely appropriate to pull out my Blackberry during the recent teacher evaluation at my school and snap a picture. That phone has a terrible camera on it anyway.

So, I just finished another course in my holistic nutrition program and I have my friend Sondi to thank for the way I now fill out my teacher evaluations. I have always been as honest as I can possibly be and I give as much constructive feedback as I can in the amount of time and space they allow, but the big difference is I now sign my name to every single teacher evaluation. These forms are usually submitted anonymously but it’s a small school and the administrators would recognize my printing anyway. But that’s beside the point.

I started signing my name after seeing my friend Sondi do it and it made a lot of sense. By adding your name you agree to be totally accountable for every word you write. If I want to be really blunt, I have to own those words even if they end up coming back to haunt me in some way.

Signing my name keeps me professional and diplomatic. And sometimes I even follow it up with a little more detail in an email to both the instructor and the administrator. Yes, I’m a keener but I also want future students to benefit from an improved curriculum based on feedback from their predecessors.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever used the words “flakey factor” in a teacher evaluation, citing that our instructor’s past experience as a registered nurse kept the flakey factor of this class to a minimum. It was a class about intuition and the energy body.