I do quite a bit of volunteer work for an integrated cancer care centre called InspireHealth. I honestly can’t say enough amazing things about these people and this organization. They put power and control back into the hands of people who have lost it due to a frightening diagnosis of cancer. I refer to them as the perfect blend of medical, practical and spiritual. Everyone I know who has gone through the InspireHealth two-day Life Program has come out feeling galvanized and ready to kick cancer in the keester.

I went through their program with a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was that experience that led me to enroll in the holistic nutrition program I am currently taking.

After being blown away by the program I then tried desperately for months to reach their HR person, Carol, to inquire about doing some volunteer work. I was really jazzed to get involved but it was challenging to reach her as they were swamped and going through a much-needed expansion. Three emails, two hand-delivered greeting cards, and four months later I was finally in touch with her and thus began my work as volunteer coordinator for their two-day Life Program and Wednesday lunch cook. Talk about jumping in with both feet.

It’s coming up on five months since I started my volunteer gig there so it seemed like a good time to send Carol yet another card only this time instead of mildly imploring her for an opportunity to get my foot in the door, I’m sending a message of thanks for the phenomenal opportunity they have given me to learn and grow.

Endive, parsley and basil growing on my window sill.